Novapex is part of Novacap Performance Chemicals division and is a leading organic chemical intermediates business that specializes in phenol, phenol specialties and a full range of oxygenated solvents; acetone, isopropanol (EP & USP), isopropyl acetate, premium grade DIPE – the latter launched in May 2017, marking a new milestone in widening its offering to the Pharmaceuticals sector.

Fully upstream integrated from cumene to speciality products and oxygenated solvents.

Novapex developed a high added value products specialty’s range thanks to our local partner and our propylene unit in Grand Serre.This local integration is source of competitiveness and environmental excellence.

Operational excellence : a fundamental value

Competitivness, stability, reliability and progress are key points to develop operational excellence. Our ambition is to maximize our performance in every step of our processes. We foster continuous improvement and manage operational excellence actions.

Innovation as a priority

Our R&D projects aim at developping new products, improving our manufacturing processes and finding new applications. In 2016, Novapex has been awarded the Pierre Potier Prize for its innovative new isopropyl acetate production process using reactive distillation.